Suppliment (for offices)

Looking to treat your employees to the specialty coffee and tea around?

Let us help! We can assist you in selecting and setting up the perfect coffee machine, as well as providing top-quality specialty coffee beans, drips, and all the necessary accessories.

Contact us today using the form below to get started!

So you might have a questions:

What is it? Why do I need this? How does it work?

Here are some answers below:

What is it?

Never Run Out of Your Favorite Coffee or Tea Again with Our Subscription Service!
Save up to 30% off the price!

• Choose your period for supplies.

• Choose what would you like to have.

Save your time for more important matters or for just enjoying a cup of your favorite drink.

How it works?

Choose your period for supplies: 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 months;

Choose what would you like to have:
• the same product each time;
• always new
• some product + new.

We are always open for your new tastes.

Can I make a subscription?

Send us "I need coffee/tea subcsription" through chat, in social networks or via email.

Currently this function is in development.
But we're open to help our customers.