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Welcome to TASTE 4 YOU, a company founded by two brothers, Dmytro and Pavlo. We came from Ukraine where we got used to drinking specialty coffee and ecological tea. In Portugal, we missed it so much that decided to bring and develop this culture here.
We offer only high quality goods, ensured and tested by ourselves. Our product manufacturers visited tens of producers in different countries, tasted hundreds of samples to find the best raw ingredients for their products.

At TASTE 4 YOU, we prioritize customer service and strive to provide the highest quality service possible. We believe that our Ukrainian roots have instilled in us a commitment to delivering the best possible experience to our customers. We aim to introduce people to the world of specialty coffee and natural tea culture, where no sugar or other taste modifiers are needed to enjoy a truly unique taste experience.

As a company, we believe in giving back to our community. We regularly support Ukrainian defenders and refugees.

Our name, TASTE 4 YOU, represents our commitment to helping people discover a special taste that is just for them. We are passionate about creating a truly unique taste experience and are constantly looking for ways to improve and expand our offerings. We are excited to connect with new people, from sales managers to IT specialists, and grow as a company. We also work with partners such as shops, online shops, and HoReCa businesses and are always open to new opportunities to expand our reach and introduce more people to our products.

Thank you for choosing TASTE 4 YOU. We are honored to be a part of your journey towards discovering a truly unique taste experience.

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