How to brew drip coffee?

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What is drip coffee?

First of all, let's be clear about what we call drip coffee:
Essentially, it is a small filter bag that opens at the top and is filled with ground specialty coffee. It has fold-out handles that allow the bag to sit over the top of a cup.

Drip bag with specialty coffee


The Advantages of Specialty Drip Coffee

1. Quick and easy preparation, almost in any conditions.
2. Requires no additional accessories, only a cup and hot water.
3. Full autonomy:

• Take it with you while traveling to regions with low coffee culture
• Perfect for camping, hiking, or on the ship in the middle of the ocean. Just find hot water!

4. The taste is just like in a cafe, as we offer only specialty coffee with a Q-Score above 83 points. Also, it is always of the best grind fraction and the ideal amount.

5. Affordability. The cost for 1 cup of fresh specialty coffee ranges from €1.2 to €1.7.


How to Brew Specialty Drip Coffee

Tear off the top of the paper drip and place it on the cup.

Pour in а small amount of filtered water heated to 91°- 95°C.
Do not use boiling water!

Wait for 20 seconds, it will help the coffee open up more.

Fill the entire filter with water and let it drain.
Repeat twice more until you will get about 180ml of coffee

Remove the drip from the cup.

Enjoy your coffee!



Here are some examples of drip coffee you can by at

  Product Name Description Price (€)
Discovery Mix | 5 drips The best for those who want to take a try. 5 mono sort coffee drip bags. €7
Colombia Strawberry | 5 Drips Very special coffee being fermented with fresh strawberries. €8

Mexico Decaf Veracruz | 5 drips

No caffeine, 100% pure coffee taste as at a regular specialty coffee. €6.50


Guatemala Nueva Oriente | 5 drips Taste the flavors of cocoa beans, gooseberry, and cane sugar. €7.50
Cocktail Mix | 5  drips Exclusive series of alcohol infusions and fermentations. Limited! €8,50
Kenya kegwa | 5 drips  Classic specialty coffee with notes of lemon, currant, blueberry, tea, and cocoa. €6,50

Explore more YoCo coffee drip bags on our online shop Taste 4 You:  CLICK

So don't be afraid to experiment, taste, and explore the variety of the drip coffee tastes and flavours!

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